Angola: ‘Those who think that we’ll not have the courage to apply the measures announced are deceived’

  • September 28, 2018

One year in since winning the August 2017 Presidential Elections, the Angola Head of State, João Lourenço, chose two words to cover his mandate: courage and determination.

Still in the midst of the long march that led him to victory in the August 23, 2017, elections, he had already drawn the course almost entirely from his first term by alerting his direct opponents and sceptics. “Those who think that we will not have the courage to apply the measures announced, nor the determination to carry these measures to the end, are deceived, just look at this human frame, to realize that with this all support, there is no doubt,” argued the President at one of his mass acts in Benguela province during the election campaign.

It is easy to see that when President João Lourenço chose the words courage and determination, his thinking was focused on a single result: to give back to the country the sense of State and to the Angolans the hope, honour and pride of loving their homeland.

In this first year of their mandate, the ruling government is not only celebrating its good performance, but are also celebrating the reconquest of a certain course which, we know, will lead to economic stability and social progress.

In a year in office, President João Lourenço managed to restore things, aligned partisan interests with the supreme values of the State, and gave hope to the People, the same people who trusted him and who accompany him without batting an eye, from battle to battle, to help achieve the deeds they set out for.

The President was able to remove all the stains that obscured the country’s brightness and its reputation in the international context. João Lourenço was able to intelligently put to his actions concrete measures that support not only his bravery, but which give real meaning to his courage and determination.

Thus, diplomas were approved, which create a new framework in the education sector, such as the determination of the career of teachers in general and special education, the standardization of the careers of doctors and nurses, standardization in the process of access to higher education, at the level of the public tender.

In general, a series of measures undertaken in this one year show the commitment of the President that shows that he is on the side of the People and working with the people for the good of the country and for all Angolans and Angolans.

Source: Government of Angola

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