Bill Gates shares a story of a South African Tuberculosis patient

  • November 3, 2016

The world’s richest man Bill Gates on Wednesday shared the heart-touching story of a South African tuberculosis (TB) patient indicating the efforts she put in fighting the disease, barely a month after celebrating successes in the fight against malaria in sub Saharan Africa. He said, ‘‘Last year, Simbongile, a young mother living outside of Cape Town, learned she was infected with tuberculosis.

Her story is heartbreaking,’‘ Gates wrote as an introduction to a three minutes 22 seconds video. This video titled ‘Surviving Tuberculosis,’ begins with Gates saying that Tuberculosis killed more people than AIDS. He added that AIDS affected a persons immune system but it was TB that actually killed people with AIDS! He also added, ‘‘To really help people with HIV, we either need to prevent them from getting tuberculosis of treat the TB that they have,’’ Gates said.

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