British lady imprisoned for flying in with the medicines containing banned substance in Egypt.

  • November 6, 2017

A British woman has been put behind the bars as the large number of painkiller tramadol tablets and naproxen were found in her bag after she landed at the airport. Lady Laura Plummer, from Hull was arrested by the airport authorities as the medicines were confiscated. Tramadol is a strong painkiller which is commonly sold in the UK with prescription is a drug containing opioid analgesics and is banned in the Egypt, which couldn’t be brought in Egypt without prior permission from Egypt’s Ministry of Health.

She claimed that the medicines were for her husband’s back treatment. She is being held as she is suspected of drug trafficking. The substance is banned in Egypt as it is used by the terrorists for increasing their resistance in the battlefield

After consulting various lawyers, her family was told that Laura may face up to 25 years of detention and even the death penalty.

Plummer’s mother Roberta claimed that she didn’t have any idea that she was doing anything offensive. The medicines were placed at the top in her suitcase and she wasn’t concealing them. Plummer visits her husband three to four times a year.

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