Bujumbura Burundi’s capital to introduce parking fees

  • November 2, 2016

Cyclists and motorists in Bujumbura are being forced to pay parking fees for the first time ever. The directive issued by city officials says a monthly parking fees in Bujumbura would range from around $2 (£1.60) for a bicycle to $60 for a big lorry. Buses, the main mode of transport in the city of about five million people, would have to pay about $6 a month.

This is actually the latest move by the government to raise money after the Western donors cut down aid to the poor central African state. They were angry with President Pierre Nkurunziza for his decision to extend his decade-long rule, and opposing the protesters. The government has also stopped free scholarships for university students. This new system says that the will have to repay tuition costs when they start working.

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