‘China to host the next IEF Ministerial’

  • June 7, 2018

Excerpts of interview with H.E. Dr. Sun Xiansheng, Secretary General, International Energy Forum

About the event…….

By the highly committed contribution from the Indian Government, the 16th IEF Ministerial has been highly successful. I feel that the delegates from the member countries are happy. Also, we have these four plenary sessions, four roundtables, all these are successful meetings.

Originally, the IEF is an intergovernmental organization which used to have the traditional way of roundtable and meeting. And this time we tried to use that pattern, where the Ministries and Heads of companies and international organizations gave speeches followed by the question and answer round. And the more interactive and more dynamic the audience and more efficient. And also through these meetings we can see that the international organizations and many of these governments through this platform already have a lot of achievements.

I can also see the media working very hard to cover different panels and roundtables to interview all these delegates.

A huge effort by coordination of people….

Before this one, we had a joint meeting with the Indian government, and that time we agreed to put the two teams into one team. We mobilized a lot of people from the Indian government, the universities, companies and associations. And also a number of our member countries and international organizations and senior delegates have come here to meet. The moderators are so experienced, and all these factors contribute majorly to the success of this event.

 Benefits for business……….

The reason why the IEF is so popular is because we are a neutral platform and we have producers, consumers, the governments and private players coming together for sharing ideas, discussions and exchange of contacts. This time a number of bilateral meetings have also been organised.

China for the next conference……

China is going to be the next host of the IEF ministerial meeting, co-hosted by Morocco. We have high expectations from them and also we have the confidence that it will be a highly successful IEF meeting.

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