Civil servants’ wages to be curtailed by Zimbabwe Government

  • December 9, 2016

Patrick Chinamasa, Zimbabwe’s Finance Minister raised his budget briefcase outside parliament amidst smiles. He announced plans to freeze public sector wage increases next year, as the government battles to contain a huge wage. The economy Zimbabwe is not growing as fast as expected and will end the year at 0.5%, he said. Critics say that the government needs to do more and work quickly to cut bloated civil service. The Government of Zimbabwe is under pressure to deliver on 2013 promises. It had said that it would create two million jobs by 2018. But instead of such promises, companies are closing down. Some people have taken to the streets in violent protests against high unemployment and cash shortages. But Mr Chinamasa says next year will be better on the back of higher mineral prices and better agricultural season. But the budget remained quiet on some immediate issues like whether civil servants will be paid their bonuses and if they will be paid on time.

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