Ethiopian businesses suffer due to the arising anti-government protests

  • October 30, 2017

Businesses in the Oromia region of Ethiopia are getting affected by the anti-government protests. As per the local media portal The Reporter Ethiopia, the premises of a newly established cement manufacturing firm Habesha Cement SC was swamped with the youth participating in the protests and was forced to be shut down.

The facility was established almost 10 years ago and the new cement factory was opened up in April, 2017 in the Oromia State. The plant had a huge per annum potential and capacity to produce approximately 1.4 million tons of cement.

The recent violent clashes in the country have affected the internal security of the country. The European Union (E.U) and the U.S advised the Ethiopian government to open up the political space and pay respect to the rights of the protesters.

The increasing safety and security issues are affecting the business as well as the economy of the country.

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