Interview with Mr Yaw Owusu, Managing Director, Ghana Cyber City

  • November 10, 2017

‘Using technology as a platform as well as a medium’

How was your experience at the Indo-Africa ICT Expo?

The experience at the Indo-Africa ICT Expo was great. It further consolidated the link that has been there between India and Africa for centuries; even before the Europeans arrived at the continent. Now we see advances in technology that are bringing Africa together. Technology has made it easier for the continent to establish a link with the other parts of the world as well; especially areas that are close to Africa such as Asia and Europe.

In terms of the relationship between India and Africa, we know that India has been investing in Africa tremendously. The trade volume between India as a country and Africa as a continent has increased immensely, especially in the last seventeen years.

Therefore, along that line, it has been a successful event. It is bigger than what was anticipated and I am sure more than a hundred people were enlightened to attend this event, which has also served as a networking platform for establishing business contacts.

It is expected that the Indo-Africa ICT Expo 2018 is going to be held in Lagos again. What preparations would you do for the next edition?

Knowing about the next edition of the expo a year in advance will make a huge difference in terms of our preparations. For instance, I can do more research about the companies joining in with whom my enterprise would be interested in doing business with and our interactions would turn into fruitful partnerships. It provides great opportunity to interact directly with Indian firms that are interested in doing business in Africa and my company.

According to sources, there is going to be an IT-related expo for domestic companies in Ghana this year. Your comments.

The Ghana market is eventually open for every company from every part of the world to participate. I am sure that the companies, which have participated here, would take part if an expo of such a scale is organised in Ghana. This is a specific expo, in the sense that it focuses on promoting digital technology within Africa and India. Its impact and therefore, the results, would be stronger.

Therefore, it is appropriate that we have forums like the India-Africa ICT Expo, to learn more about each other, especially to collaborate on developing new ventures and to increase trade using technology as a platform as well as a medium.

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