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    Sept-Oct 2018

    Vol 10 Issue 3

    What does women empowerment mean to you? Does one have to be a feminist to support women empowerment? And what does feminism stand for? As many people, as many interpretations! The essence, however, of all the political and social movements, ideologies and belief is EQUALITY OF THE SEXES. Many would argue that if the core of the concern is equality, then why give special emphasis on the upliftment of women? Because since the ancient era, women have been subjected to suppression and inequality; they have been denied the right to make decisions about Read More

  • Latest-Isuse

    May-June 2018

    Vol. 10 Issue 2

    Digital Technology – a commitment to make lives better for all of us! The year 2018 saw a major controversy surrounding the use, rather the abuse of digital technology. It was how social media giant Facebook exposed about 87 million users’ private data to Cambridge Analytica, a London-based elections consultancy data firm linked to American President Donald Trump. This incident triggered renewed debate on the perils and the devils that piggyback on the rewards of ‘Digital Technology’ or the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution.’ But isn’t Read More

  • Latest Isuse

    Jan 2018

    Vol 10 Issue 1

    From Resolutions to Reality! Let me tell you a story! Madonna Public School, Ghana, was probably where it all started from where a young Indian boy received his schooling. Growing up in this west-African nation, he observed how his parents, both doctors, worked tirelessly for the welfare of the local people. Somehow, he felt a sense of belonging and warmth in this foreign land. Little had he thought that this thread of affection would guide him to weave a lifelong relationship with the African continent. He resolved to work for this dynamic Read More

  • Latest Isuse

    Nov 2017

    Vol 9 Issue 8

    Inexhaustible minerals, abundant opportunities Life’s unfairness doesn’t give us the license to walk the wrong path, for life is not fair on anybody. Most of the people in the world have some preconceived notions about Africa. Majority of these notions are embedded in the bed of hearsay perceptions, which judge Africa as the continent without ample remunerative opportunities. However, the African economies are surging up in terms of economic development, which could well be attributed to various sectors enriched with frenzied business Read More

  • Latest Isuse

    August 2017

    Vol 9 Issue 7

    Africa, where the spirit of traveling embraces a new destination  Tourism, a word which creates an array of thrill and excitement in your body and soul whenever you hear it. The joy of backpackers going on adventure trips could be well comprehended by other backpackers. When it comes to tourism and hospitality, Africa has the potential of offering possibilities in this segment. It’s a heavenly serene for the adventure and nature lovers. Our cover story gives an appealing insight of the African countries which offers the wonder of natures, along Read More

  • Latest Isuse

    July 2017

    Vol 9 Issue 6

    There are several connotations associated with Africa. Majority of them being dark continent, underdeveloped, poor countries, poverty stricken, etc. However, Africa has been proving all these connotations wrong. Today, Africa is home to many of the world’s fast growing economies. Africa is consistently striding on the path of prosperity. Africa is home to abundant resources. One such resource is the energy sector, which is directly proportional to the economic growth and prosperity. Energy fosters the possibilities of growth and overall Read More

  • Latest Isuse

    May 2017

    Vol 9 Issue 5

    IIt is a now a widely acknowledged fact that the world’s ten youngest nations by population are mainly in Africa. One can thus envisage the beaming future that lies ahead for this continent! The young brains are drivers of a nation, and have the potential and ambition to take the economy from the fringes to the forefront. And this juggernaut is practically emerging as the next big thing by giving wings to its dreams in the form of Start-ups. Thomas Edison, co-founder of General Electric, once said, “The value of an idea lies in using it.” Read More

  • April 2017 India and africa

    April 2017

    Vol 9 Issue 4

    The relationship between India and Africa has been an old one. The world is an eyewitness of our historical association in many aspects. Be it our struggle against colonialism or our fight for attaining independence and liberty. At present, India and Africa both are looking ahead to grow and strengthen the roots of their bond. There is a famous adage by Thomas Carlyle that goes, “He who has health has hope; and he who has hope has everything.” Indeed! With the engagement and empowerment of more and more people, healthcare has become one of the Read More

  • India-Africa Forum in march 2017

    March 2017

    Vol 9 Issue 3

    When the third India-Africa Forum Summit was held in October 2015, it emerged as a platform for bringing together the Indian and African entrepreneurs and decision makers under the same roof. Hence, its continuation was sought. Our cover story “An Amalgamation- the CII-EXIM Bank Conclave 2017”, for the March edition celebrates this integration of the unbeatable combination of a resurgent Africa and a developing India. This time the Editor’s Perspective focuses on Mozambique, which is emerging as a new corporate magnet, what does it take to Read More

  • Latest Issue - Copy

    February 2017

    Vol. 9 Issue 2

    It won’t be an overstatement to say that ‘Digital technology is the order of the day’! Precisely why the leitmotif of our February 2017 edition is about the ‘Digital Revolution’ and its impact on the African continent. From the ‘Digitisation of education’, to the ‘Geographic Information System’, from the ‘Arrival of e-Smart Cards in Africa’ to ‘Achieving the milestone of development through a global vision’, we present you the A to Z of the ongoing digital trends in the continent while our Editor’s Perspective looks at Read More



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