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  • Volume VI Issue 6 (November-December2014)

    Nov-Dec 2014


    THE TIMES OF AFRICA has come out with a small, yet effective, initiative to tell the story of the impact of Ebola, edify people about the disease, and chronicle efforts to stop the outbreak through this issue. There is one prestigious political personality who is now standing up right in front of us all serving his nation very religiously. President Jacob Zuma has prioritized the economy of the country and local government. South Africa is without doubt, inspiring Africa in new ways through its performance. Find out more. The African automobile Read More

  • Volume 7 issue 6(Nov-Dec 2015)

    Nov-Dec 2015

    Volume 7 Issue 6

    "3rd India-Africa forum summit will launch new era of Partnership" Prime Minister Narendra Modi is out to make a strong point to the international community from now when his government will host India's biggest ever diplomatic manifestation at New Delhi's Indira Gandhi stadium: the 3rd India Africa Forum Summit. This year’s summit is set to mark a departure from IAFS-I (2008) and IAFS-II (2011) held under the regime of the previous government of India. The Top Story for this issue has been dedicated to the endeavors made by the Indian Read More

  • Sept-Oct 2015_Vol 7 Issue 5

    Sept-Oct 2015

    Volume 7 Issue 5

    President Obama's historic visit to Kenya and Ethiopia was marked by magnificent applauds for the first visit by a sitting American president. In both countries, President Obama has concentrated on his signature electricity-access initiative for the region, Power Africa. Find more the in depths of this visit in our Top Story. The first thing that comes to mind for many people when thinking about South Africa is the great wine, gold, platinum, diamonds and world icon Nelson Mandela. Wanna know more? Then read on… The main story of this issue Read More

  • VII Issue 4 (July-August 2015)

    July-Aug 2015

    Volume 7 Issue 4

    Nigeria’s Agriculture Minister has been designated to head the African Development Bank, which is seen as a foremost triumph as the continent’s biggest economy uproars for a bigger role in diplomacy and investment in the region. See insights of his appointment in this issue. Moving on to another story, we have an African country who is discovering itself, and is ready to expose to the world a new narrative of its strengths. Zimbabwe is a country with surprising fortune which is on the track of economic recovery. The country is opulent with raw Read More

  • Volume VII Issue 3 (May-June 2015)

    May-June 2015

    Volume 7 Issue 3

    One sector that is however to be truthfully tapped is the brewing industry as Africa is perhaps the most eye-catching region for long-term profit growth for global brewers. Read on the latest developments of the major players in the brewery industry of Africa in our top story. Time has definitely changed for Mozambique since the early 1990s. Then, the country was left annihilated by Portuguese colonial rule and the civil war that followed it. Today, Mozambique grabs the limelight for its rising oil and gas reserves. Foreign investment flows into the Read More

  • Volume 7 Issue 2(March-Apr 2015)

    March-April 2015

    Volume 7 Issue 2

    Climate change has been recognised as the foremost human and environmental catastrophe of the 21st century. Though this issue, we have highlighted the practical selections and climate policy that can help humankind slow, and certainly adapt to, climate change. Tunisia has, no doubt, massive potential to reform with a lucrative market for investors to invest. Four years after Tunisia glimmered the Arab spring uprisings, the country is perceived as a rare regional success story, but its prospects centre on it excavating reforms and fascinating foreign Read More

  • Volume VII Issue 1 (January-February 2015)

    Jan-Feb 2015

    Volume 7 Issue 1

    THE TIMES OF AFRICA is today standing proudly to step into its 7th year. This issue has been illuminated with THE BLOSSOMING BRANDS OF AFRICA, in 7 different categories, which the continent has entailed in its pool, the most admired and off course the most esteemed brands. Sudanese will apprehend their desires for a more peaceful, prosperous, and democratic future in the year ahead as they celebrate their 59th Anniversary on 1st January 2015. The issue has been decorated with the presence of this country as well. Africa’s biggest football fiesta Read More

  • Sept-Oct 2014_Volume VI Issue 5

    Sept-Oct 2014


    The shinning stones have really polished the lives of many people in Africa. This edition exhibits the wealth of minerals that the African continent is blessed with. Through our sectoral analysis on Mining, we have made an endeavour to flash the bright picture and business prospects of the imperative sector in the African continent. The Top Story sketches the enlightening episode of the biggest U.S Africa Leader’s Summit showcasing the visions and endeavours as how to develop the economies mutually. Nigeria well designated as “Giant of Africa” Read More

  • Volume VI Issue 4 (July-August 2014)

    July-Aug 2014


    Very exquisitely this issue has been ornamented with the occurrence of the new Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi. Beliefs in India for the new government are sky-high. A strong man, a visionary, a determined leader waving his hands giving a sense of satisfaction that commitments would now be fulfilled. Kudos to India for such a choice; not a whisper of chains or lack of fair-play. Explore more from our Top Story. This issue of the magazine is also blessed with the interview of the President of Botswana, H.E. Mr. Ian Khama. See the future of Read More

  • Volume VI Issue 3 (May-June 2014)

    May-June 2014


    This issue has something really important for nature lovers. Explore the Top Story and get ready for an adventurous trip to the beautiful island nation Seychelles. Ghana's affluence of possessions, democratic political system and vibrant economy, makes it indeed one of Africa's prominent illuminations and to get more familiar with this investment friendly country, this issue has beautifully framed the high points of this country in Spotlight Country. Agritec Africa scheduled to be held in Kenya, in the month of June has received prime importance in Read More



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