The leading critic of Paul Kagame arrested

  • September 6, 2017

The leading critic of Rwandan President Paul Kagame, was arrested due to the charges of tax evasion and forgery. Diana Rwigara, was the only female opposing candidate in last month’s elections, which Paul Kagame won by a huge margin of 98.8%.  The local Rwandan police posted a tweet on Twitter, saying that Rwigara and her family members were held on Sunday because of not responding to the summons. They were released later.

Her family members have stepped ahead in her support, saying that she is being oppressed for possessing different views and championing Rwandans’ rights. She said she has been targeted since the pre-election period.  Her candidacy was targeted when her nude photos got leaked, which she said were fake. Later on, she was disqualified from appearing as the candidate in the elections by the country’s electoral commission. She was accused of submitting names of dead people and inability to acquiring enough signatures from supporters.

Kagame, a former military strongman is praised for his efforts in boosting the development of the country.  Under his term, there has been a significant growth in the economy of the country and the living standards have been improved. Kagame is popularly for turning around the fortune of Rwanda.

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