More than 2 million Kenyans are at the risk of starvation

  • February 3, 2017

Kenya’s Marsabit County is facing hard times these days. In more than half of the 42 counties, people are at the risk of starvation due to the ongoing drought. The number of famine related deaths has increased rapidly. People are losing their animals due to the lack of water and food. Residents have to travel more than 10 kilometers a day, just to get the valuable source.

The Governor of Marsabit County Ukur yatani said that Marsabit is the most affected and influenced county by the draught. He said that we have lost quite a huge number of livestock. The situation is getting worse as people are starving. Schools have been closed and the condition is very chaotic. The situation is way beyond the control of the government.

Red Cross Society of Kenya is trying to take control of the situation. Kenya Red Cross Societies Secretary General Abbas Gullet says that the organization is appealing for financial aid to a tune of one billion Kenya shillings (US$100m). Residents are losing their animals which is the only source of their wealth. Moreover, meteorological department is saying that people shouldn’t expect the rain soon.

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