MNC law firm launches Global Anti-trust Dawn Raid App

  • April 12, 2017

Multinational law firm, Baker Mckenzie, has launched a first-of-its-kind global version of its Dawn Raid App, a mobile application that crosses 44 countries of the African continent.

A client experiencing a raid can avail this app to get a step-by-step guidance of their rights and obligations.

Speaking at the launch of the App, Head of the Competition Group of Baker McKenzie’s London office Samantha Mobley said, “It is stressful when government officials turn up without warning and demand access to people and information. Our Global Antitrust Dawn Raid App is designed to provide instant practical and comprehensive information to ensure that employees know what do in a calm and professional manner so as to protect the company’s rights as much as possible. It allows our clients to navigate the complexities of potentially simultaneous dawn raids in an organised and systematic way”.

Nick Altini, Partner in the Antitrust and Competition Practice in Johannesburg, added, “The advent of dawn raids in African countries, outside of South Africa, together with the regularity of raids in South Africa makes it imperative that businesses have procedures in place in the event of a raid on their premises. While there is no substitute for having received training on how to deal with a raid and having a procedure in place, this app will take businesses through the procedure to follow during this disruptive process, including facilitating instant access to our legal team. In addition, for multinationals who might be experiencing raids in several countries simultaneously, the app will help co-ordinate the process by providing the different legal information and guidance in various jurisdictions.”

Global head of Baker McKenzie’s Antitrust and Competition group Fiona Carlin said, “Innovation is critical to our clients’ success, and they look for that same commitment to innovation in their law firms.  Harnessing technology to deliver novel practical global solutions allows us to better serve our clients in a fast-changing world. The Global Antitrust Dawn Raid App is a very tangible example of innovation in action, and is leading the way in the legal industry in terms of its scope and user friendliness.”

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