Moroccan King Mohammed VI wants to implement strict measures against poverty and fraudulent practices.

  • October 17, 2017

Moroccan King Mohammed VI judged the model of development of the kingdom as unfit to respond to the growing demands of Moroccans. The king delivered a speech at the opening of a parliamentary session in Rabat on Friday. He strictly advised the government to remodel the current development model as the country’s programs developed to eradicate poverty are not effective enough to produce any desirable output.

He further expressed his concern about the increasing fraudulent practices in the country and said that a great level of firmness is what is required, while drafting the policies and regulations to cope with the increasing fraudulent practices. He suggested a strict and close monitoring of such programmes and ordered the government to revise the development model to address imbalances. He took a bold step by ordering an auditors inquiry into all of the development projects.

In order to keep a track of investments made around the Africa, he announced the formation of a Ministry of African Affairs.

The speech was highly influenced by his resentment for the prevailing economic problems and corruption in the northern Rif region of Morocco. His current approach depicts his willingness maintain pressure in the elected government officials and ministers and maintain the strictness to avoid any room for fraudulent practices and corruption.

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