The opposition parties of the Togo demand release of arrested protestors, after the protest marches were postponed.

  • August 29, 2017

The opposition parties in Togo have postponed their plan of demonstrations against the government and have demanded the release of those protestors who were arrested during the protest on 19 th and 20 th August. The arrested people are to be presented in court on Tuesday morning in Lome, the capital city. Party members also requested to the public to attend the hearing of the 27 people, who were arrested during the protest.

The decision to postpone the march to be held on 30 th and 31 st of August was taken by the six-party opposition coalition CAP 2015 and the Pan-African National Party (PNP). The primary reason for taking this decision was to increase the involvement of the general public. The driving force behind this series of protests is the revision of the 1992 Constitution and the end of Gnassingbe dynasty. They want to restore the two five-year term limit, two-ballot system and reform of the Electoral Commission and the Constitutional Court.

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