Rwanda and D R Congo sign a deal together to ease cross border trade.

  • October 25, 2016

To establish a design for bilateral cooperation in terms of cross-border trade and elimination of non-tariff barriers Rwanda and D R Congo signed an agreement.

According to officials, the deal aims to ease the small scale trade by waiving import duty on products whose worth is below $2000 (about Rwf 1.6 million).

This will boost the small scale cross-border traders as well as women to carry out their business smoothly. Commonly traded goods between the two countries are agri products, animal feed and grains, construction and bakery.

Francois Kanimba, minister of trade and industry, Rwanda said that it was a milestone for small scale traders from both countries to carry out the trade without any hindrances.

D R Congo minister of commerce. Nefertiti Ngudianza Kisula said that the relations between the two countries are growing strong.

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