• September 7, 2016

It’s time to step into Another World!! Start your expedition of individual finding through the world’s most beautiful islands… Seychelles. It is an archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean.

Seychelles also known as Republic of Seychelles is a 115 granite and coral islands positioned to the south of the equator. It is a cluster of islands in the Indian Ocean situated 1500 kilometers to the east of mainland Africa. It showcases an archipelago of exceptional beauty, calmness, conformity and is renowned for its striking beaches all over the world. Among these 115 islands, 41 are the Inner Islands that includes the oldest mid-oceanic granite islands on earth whereas 74 are the Outer Islands.

With an estimated population of 86,525 Seychelles is considered to be the smallest country in Africa. It is positioned to the northeast of Madagascar and approx 1600 km east of Kenya. With agriculture as the main occupation, Seychelles is the chief exporter of cinnamon, vanilla and copra, as it employs more than 33% of the population.

Escalating Business Opportunities

Seychelles offers enormous business opportunities to all the investors in diverse sectors like tourism, fisheries, agriculture and industry. Seychelles is considered to be a profitable investment destination. This country has a stable political environment and the government policies formed fully encourage both domestic and foreign investment. Investors have huge prospects in major sectors like agriculture, energy and fishery.


Country’s long hours of sunshine and abundant rainfall provide a wide scope for farmers to grow extensive variety of tropical and traditional fruits and vegetables. It has marked its presence in islands. More of investment in European Supermarkets by delivering high value, luxury food stuffs such as finest quality tropical fruits and spices. Of the total landmass around 400 hectares is the cultivable area  which can be utilized to grow the best agricultural products. A huge amount is being invested by a number of privately-owned island resorts in agricultural projects to supply high quality and fresh fruits and vegetables to the clients.


Seychelles is blessed with ample of energy resources and is rich in solar, biomass and ocean energy. Seychelles have abundant scope for investors in energy sector. Oil exploration, oil support services, renewable energy support and water solar heaters are the key investment areas. Photovoltaic energy systems are another very renowned solar option, especially for hotels and remote outer islands. More of investment in it would also reduce excessive demand for electricity and would also showcase this eco-friendly technology. Water Solar heaters are getting popular in numerous households and thus have a great market in Seychelles.


Fishery is a booming industry in Seychelles and to larger extent contributes to its economy. It is sometimes felt that Seychelles is formed especially for the fishermen. The industry has experienced a tremendous growth and is considered as a vital foreign exchange earner for Seychelles. Seychelles located at the centre of western Indian Ocean is a home to industrial fishing fleets from the European Union and Far East and is the major hub for fish tuna. The developing semi industrial sector offers the local market and supplies high value-added fisheries products to the international market.  Aquaculture in Seychelles possesses extreme potential and for further growth a detailed Sector Development Plan was started in 2010. The environment characteristics well supported by new investment incentives in coming years will prove to be a powerful sector for prospective buyers.

A wide variety of opportunities also exist in the processing and value addition of tuna such tuna loins, sashimi, sushi and tuna steaks for the international market.

Investment Opportunities

In addition to specific economic sectors, Seychelles offer immense opportunities in areas like entertainment, shopping malls and commercial building and medical sector. The entrance of western culture and increased standard of living will originate the need for shopping malls and modernized shops and provide a great area for investment. Medical sector is another encouraging and flourishing sector. Further, the government of Seychelles is making efforts to continue to present opportunities for effective and efficient health service.

Flora and Fauna

Being located to the northeast of Madagascar it is surrounded by stunning tropical islands and has a rich diversity of flora and fauna which are exclusively found here. Seychelles is considered to be a interesting place for research by biologists when it comes to biodiversity. Almost 250 different types of species have been explored in Seychelles. Some of the unique bird species discovered in Seychelles include the sunbird, the blue pigeon, the Scops owl and frigatebirds. Aride and Bird Island are the best places to experience the true diversity of birds. Seychelles is also blessed with a wide array of flora. One of the most important and different species found is hawksbill sea turtle which is the only turtle in its genus. In addition, it is a home to geckos which are exciting to watch because of their huge, lidless eyes and their vibrant skin.

Further, it is rich in a fauna with almost 2000 different species of plants and a range of trees including a variety of hardwood such as mahogany and rosewood and shade-giving specimens such as umbrella tree. Several

Mesmerizing World for Tourists

Seychelles is a true paradise and have exceptional beauty. It is renowned for the best beaches in the world, with a natural view  pleasing to eyes. The beaches offer a feel of soft sand, clean turquoise waters and superb opportunities for swimming and snorkeling. Stunning national monuments, beautiful Creole houses, national reserves and marine parks acts as a magnet to attract tourists from different corners of the world.

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