Solar energy empowers Africa

  • November 21, 2016

Across the continent of Africa, people are opting for their own off-grid solar solutions to power homes and small businesses. According to International Energy Agency projections, almost one billion people in sub-Saharan Africa will gain access to the grid by 2040 though by that time 530 million will remain off-grid.

The governments have increased their efforts. On the Atlantic coast of Africa, Senegal last month inaugurated a massive 20 megawatt (MW) project that will deliver energy to 160 000 people. President Macky Sall saluted as ushering in “a new, clean-energy era”. With around 55 to 65 % of homes receiving electricity, Senegal’s grid strength is above average for sub-Saharan Africa; whereas in South Sudan and Liberia this hovers between one and two percent.

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