Supplement Issues

  • March-April 2015


    Namibia has turned silver this year as the country celebrates its 25th Anniversary of Independence. This month (March) Namibia rejoices her jubilee that is 25 years of self-rule, political independence and the eventual collective appearance of the nation’s right for self-determination. This beautifully decorated supplement on Namibia truly present it as a gem that offers supreme experiences for stimulating your curiosity. The diverse set of landscapes, friendly locals & indigenous tribes, free roaming wildlife, and matchless experiences make Read More

  • July-Aug 2014


    Seychelles is truly a blend of beauty and business. Crowned with different titles viz the another world, heaven of Africa and the beautiful island amongst others, Seychelles is packed with liveliness and lavishness. Adding a cherry on the cake, 4th Seychelles International Carnival with its amalgamation of colours and cultures added a new shine to the charming country. Through this issue, THE TIMES OF AFRICA endeavours to enlighten the world with Stunning Seychelles. The carnival of Carnivals in Victoria, Seychelles brought with itself rainbow of Read More

  • May-June 2014

    51st Africa Day

    2014 theme for Africa Day is the “Year of Agriculture and Food Security”. Africa, as we all are well versed with the continent and its continuous speedy growth is marking its presence globally. In corporate boardrooms and global-investment seminars, business leaders are talking about the African continent. The day to celebrate Africa, to celebrate African unity and to honour African Union, is what we call as Africa Day has devoted itself in ensuring and securing Africa's rightful place on the international fore, and to achieve a better standard Read More

  • March-April 2014

    Republic of Congo

    For the 10th edition of the CII EXIM Bank Conclave on India-Africa Project Partnership, Republic of Congo was selected as the Focus Country. This supplement endeavours to document and spark a light on this country to brand it the NUMBER ONE selection of investors for investment after underlining different sectors of investment. For the first time in Sub-Saharan Africa, the Build Africa forum was organized in Brazzaville from February 5th-7th, 2014, which delivered an outline for useful conversation and consideration between the global players who Read More

  • March-April 2014


    Namibia has successfully completed 24 years of independence. The High Commissioner, H.E. Mr. Pius Dunaiski has rightly said in an exclusive interview that “Namibia isn’t pleasing; it is irresistible. The silent exquisiteness of its landscapes will definitely penetrate your heart and soul.” Namibia cherish as a nation, good governance, partnership, and people centred economic development. No doubt, this country is a photographer’s dream – it touts Wild Panoramas, Rocky Mountains, Lonely Deserts and Splendid Wildlife. Namibia is frequently Read More

  • July-Aug 2013

    South Sudan

    This July, the newest country in the world celebrated its 2nd birthday. South Sudan is beginning to reap the fruits of a decade of development efforts. THE TIMES OF AFRICA draws it as a country blessed with all the goodness. This supplement is having its prime focus on the business environment of South Sudan with growing relations with India. This nation has a promising and bright market, which confronts opportunities across a number of productive sectors. Find out the major sectors in which the country is inviting Indian companies for their Read More

  • July-Aug 2013

    Republic of Congo

    Heartiest congratulations to the Government and People of Republic of Congo on completing its 53rd Anniversary of Independence. This supplement has its spotlight on Republic of Congo with strong substance to the enormous opportunities on hand for the investors, the business environment and the boosting relations with India. Through this issue, THE TIMES OF AFRICA as Media Partner endeavor to amplify the traffic from India to Congo. Readers can find knowledgeable and interesting facts concerning the nation which can instantly drive them to have their Read More

  • May-June 2013


    The team of THE TIMES OF AFRICA joins together in congratulating the people and government of Comoros on the 38th anniversary of independence. As Comoros starts out its second decade of democracy, with calm transitions of power between elected leaders, we drive our best wishes for sustained success, peace, and prosperity. The goodness of this country is presented as the Spotlight country for this issue. When you think of Africa, any words come to your mind like adventure, safari trip, scenic beauty, magnificent outdoors, and beautiful climate. Read More

  • March-April 2013

    Tattali-Iyali Foundation

    This issue features a report discussing the activities of The Tattali-lyali Foundation, an initiative of Dr. Malika Issoufou Mahamadou, the First Lady of the Republic of Niger and President of the Tattali-Iyali Foundation. This foundation works to strengthen the consideration of gender in the implementation of all Public Policies and Development Strategies, as well as the principles of protection of vulnerable groups represented by children and handicapped people. A broader perspective of the investment opportunities accessible in Africa and India Read More

  • Jan-Feb 2013


    The first supplementary issue of THE TIMES OF AFRICA in French is released on the occasion of the 4th Anniversary. It has its prime focus on current happenings in the francophone countries contributing in bridging the information gap, thus enriching the existing relations between Africa and India. The issue has the spotlight on Cameroon- Africa in Miniature. Its profuse natural resources, favorable geographic position, and relative political stability has provided Cameroon to build one of the most thriving and flourishing economies in sub-Saharan Read More



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