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  • October 1, 2016

Subah infosolutions Ghana limited, A member of the jospong group Of companies is a fast budding it And telecommunication solutions Company that caters cutting edge To innovative solutions using Customer centered approaches to Put forward unparalleled quality Products and services. It’s foremost Focus is on technologies that will further augment Business operations. Ghana’s leading it and Telecommunication, Aims to equip Ghanaians with The necessary Knowledge and Capabilities to accelerate The growth Of ict in Ghana, in Particular, And Africa In general. Birendra Sasmal―the man behind ‘Subah’

Behind every successful business is ingenuity. This is the exact phrase to describe the activities behind the success of an indigenous Ghanaian IT solution company Subah Infosolutions, which through its innovative ICT/telecom solutions and business skills, has helped the telecom sector save millions of dollars. Birendra Sasmal, the Chief Executive Officer of Subah Holdings, has been driving the affairs of the company; a position, which has made him able to transform a company, started from a humble beginning to an internationally acclaimed ICT company across the Africa continent. Subah started operations in 2007 with less than 10 employees but the company now boasts of over 2,500 employees in less than 10 years of operation. When communicating Subah’s success, I always reflect on three guiding principles each of which has helped define who we are today. They are:

Capacity Building:continues focusing on building local capacity through international partnership, and training employees from abroad (USA, UK, India.)The employees, he said, possess extensive knowledge, deep-rooted professionalism, and an unwavering commitment to work. These are among the company’s most important assets.

Understanding Customers:he said to satisfy their numerous clients, the company has established in-depth relationships with itsclients by learning their environments, challenges and goals so that they can offer tangible solutions from a candid perspective.

“We continue to manage our business around the evolving needs of our clients, so that we can be at the forefront of change and deliver value—business value is what their shareholders and constituents demand,” he added.

Flexibility:one main reason for the success of the company is it adapts rapidly to new circumstances and tap opportunities as well asidentifying new opportunities and market niches. When focusing on market one has to be able to change the direction of the company when things go wrong Sasmal indicated that Subah is committed to local communities to build awareness on ICT in which it conducts its business, also committed to generatingmore employmentopportunities for unemployed people. Mr. Sasmal is not ending Subah’s success anytime soon as he intends to see the company gaining 80 percent of its revenue from the international market in the next five years, and gaining grounds across the African continent.

“Subah started operations in 2007 with less than 10 employees but the company now boasts of over 2500 employees in less than 10 years of Operations.”

Relaxing in the sober ambiance of his office, Sasmal says that the company is resolute in its vision of becoming the number one choice for total ICT solutions and assurance services in Africa, by using innovative ICTsolutions and assurance services in Africa, by using innovative ICT solutions and customer-centered approaches to provide quality products and services to its clients. “In everything we do, we strive for client satisfaction through reliability of services rendered, by utilizing products of high dependability and also asserting our credibility in the delivering and fulfilment of our clients’ needs,” he said.

He also said Subah’s state-of-the-art solution “RATMS” has been developed by local engineers who are competing with many worldclass companies in African market.It’s an African solution for an African problem. Subah SIM-Box Fraud Detection Services enable’s mobile operators to track down and eliminate Sim Boxes from the network in real-time. It utilizes a data feed to collect real-time usage data for each IMSI in the network, which is used to quickly identify offending SIMS.

His tenure has seen Subah grow from single services portfolio to multiple services portfolios, including Geospatial Data Management, Payment Platform, Document Digitization, Integrated Revenue collection solutions, Set-Top Boxes, IT Security, IPTV, Fraud Management and Integrated West Management solutions.

Taking Subah to International Heights

Subah has received numerous awards due to the company’s commitment to satisfaction. The most recent is the award it received in Tanzaniaas the “THE BEST TELECOM TRAFFICE MONITORING SOLUTION COMPANY OF THE YEAR” at the annual Africa Telecom, Fraud, and Revenue Assurance & Risk Management Forum 2016.

Mr. Sasmal believes the award is not only inspiring Subah team but it will inspire many Ghanaian engineers to build many more solutions for African market to solve many other African problems.

He said their consistency and taste for perfection is the reason the company is going international and that they will stopat nothing to become the most respected international IT Company on the continent. It is no wonder that for the first time, a wholly owned Ghanaian IT and Telecommunications solutions and support company has made pioneering foot-prints in neighbouringcountries and in some key locations in Africa.

The company has plans to make forays into other African countries including, Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya and Lesotho in the very near future. Plans are far advanced to have a permanent footing in these countries, if it has not already been done. Subah international business, has been working to acquire similar international companies in the Africa market.

The company will soon open its offices in some selected African countries to seal its footprint on the continent.

Who is Sasmal?

Doing business is not only the aspiration of the astute business man but he loves to see vulnerable children in school and develop their ICT knowledge. To him the success of every person begins with education and this has inspired him to champion the course of seeing every child born on the continent get education in their lives. For this reason, Mr. Sasmal does a lot of philanthropic works especially in Africa and India. He travels across the continent and visits vulnerable children who have been deprived of education due to financial problem and assists them. The soft spoken man believes that ICT education among children is the key to unlocking African’s progress and developmental agenda.

To him his stay in Ghana has been very great and loves the warm reception of the Ghanaian people. “I have been working with a lot of Ghanaians for many years and I have their warm reception and respect for everyone.” The Hindu man also on occasions loves to worship with Christians and he finds solace in worshiping Christ, the King Catholic Church in Accra. He is an ardent supporter of the Ghanaian senior national team, the Black Stars, loves playing football himself and is also a golfer. One of the things he loves doing is cooking and gets inspired by meditation. Mr. Sasmal holds Bachelor degree in electronics and telecommunication engineering from India and is a fellow alumni of Stanford Business School in USA.

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