Swaziland King, Mswati III, names MTN Chief as Prime Minister after ‘angels told him who he should appoint’

  • October 31, 2018

King Mswati III, the Absolute Monarch of Swaziland (now known as e-Swatini), recently appointed Ambrose Dlamini, Chief Executive of the local unit of telecoms group MTN, as the Kingdom’s new Prime Minister, as per local media reports.

The King told a meeting of the ‘People’s Parliament’ that he had been visited by angels who told him who he should appoint as the kingdom’s new Prime Minister.

The King said he had prayed hard for guidance and had been visited by angels. ‘The angels did eventually come and told me who it was,’ he said according to the The Times of Swaziland.

“The heavens told me that the person I will appoint should have your support and cooperation. You should cooperate with him so that tomorrow you don’t turn around and say the king gave you someone who knows nothing,” the paper quoted Mswati as saying.

The new Prime Minister replaces Sibusiso Dlamini, who died last month.

In September this year, the citizens of this small African kingdom came out to vote to choose candidates for seats in the House of Assembly. The opposition had described the elections as a farce due to the absence of political parties.

Since political organizations are not allowed to participate in elections in eSwatini, candidates for the 59 positions ran on a personal basis and not under the label of a party.

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