The ruling part of Guinea-Bissau of rejects their new Prime Minister

  • November 20, 2016

Appointed by the head of state José Mario Vaz and supported by the President of the National Assembly, Cipriano Cassama, the ruling party in Guinea-Bissau has rejected their new prime minister .

“The PAIGC does not support the decision of the President of the Republic to appoint Umaro Sissoco Embalo to the post of Prime Minister,” according to a statement signed on Saturday.

The party which is led by the former Prime Minister, Domingos Simoes Pereira, accused President Vaz of “rendering null and void the Conakry Agreement and opted for the continuation of the crisis.”

This agreement was signed on October 14 in Conakry under the leadership of the head of state of Guinea Alpha Conde within an ECOWAS mediation framework provides for a “consensual process” to choose a leader who will remain in place until the 2018 parliamentary elections.

The speaker of the National Assembly said that parliament would provide the necessary support to the government yet to be formed by Embalo.

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