‘The thing that makes you happy about (Chinese) aid is that it is not tied to any conditions’

  • November 28, 2018

Tanzanian President John Magufuli made it clear that he prefers assistance from China as the country offered aid sans conditions.

According to a statement posted on the State House’s website, Magufuli said, “The thing that makes you happy about their aid is that it is not tied to any conditions. When they decide to give you (assistance), they just give you.”

The President was speaking at the launch of a new library at the University of Dar es Salaam built at a cost of 93.6 billion Tanzanian shillings ($40.61 million) with the help of the Chinese government, the president’s office said.

These comments are being seen by many as an answer to many western donors who, in the past weeks, have retracted their funding to Tanzania following the declining human rights conditions in the country, with Denmark withholding $10 million worth of aid money and the World Bank putting a planned $300 million loan for an education project on hold.

Magufuli further said that his government will continue to develop and cultivate its good relationship with China.

“They have helped us in a lot of other areas of development,” he said.

Though China is actively providing financial assistance to Africa, its critics say that Beijing’s projects have pushed some African countries too deeply into debt.

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