About Us

TOA wire serves as a global platform to share and access African centered news. Africa is a land with infinite opportunities. Through our distinctive efforts, we pledge to bring journalists as well as readers from across the globe under one roof. If you are a journalist then this is the right destination for you to provide and register your news and researches with us and get the worldwide fame and recognition in return. If you are a reader then this is one stop news platform to get access to the breaking and latest news related to Africa.

You are an investor who is looking to invest in Africa? Congratulations! You now have access to all the business and investment opportunities available in Africa. Are you planning a tour to Africa? Get all the necessary information related to all the famous tourist destinations in Africa and make your trip a memorable one. You are a keen follower of current affairs, register yourself with us to enhance your knowledge of current affairs related to Africa. You are interested in getting the latest news related to Africa, you are one step ahead now.

This is not just a news platform, it is a warehouse of the latest African trends, market studies, business opportunities and political and social reforms. Our team is a force consisting of expert journalists, creative writers and think tanks, and skilled researchers. Through our collaborative and scrutinized efforts, we are getting the best of Africa and bring it to the world, which is our ultimate pursuit.

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