Tunisia: Nearly 500,000 rural female workers to access social security, health coverage

  • August 16, 2018

Prime Minister Youssef Chahed recently announced a set of decisions at a small cabinet meeting dedicated to a host of social issues.

An agreement will be signed under which roughly 500,000 rural female workers will have access to social security and health coverage.

The Premier also said retirees will have their old and new pensions disbursed in four instalments, starting from Eid El Idha feast.

Additionally, Chahed instructed to publish the decree on the rise in the inter-professional guaranteed minimum wage in the Official Gazette. This increase will have a positive impact on pensions, the Prime Ministry said in a press release.

The decree on the Council of Social Dialogue will also be published in a bid to provide for better regulation of relationships between social partners. This council will also be a key institution that helps organise dialogue between all actors and establish a real social partnership.

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