Uganda’s civil servants face strict dress code in new Government rules

  • July 5, 2017

Public servants in Uganda are facing a strict dress code after the government issued a circular warning them to “dress decently”.

Female staff have been told that dresses or skirts that are above the knees, sleeveless blouses or any clothing made out of see-through material will not be allowed.

Braids and extensions have also been banned.

Men must wear long-sleeved shirts and ties and not brightly-coloured clothes.

The guidelines, issued by the Ministry of Public Service apply to all non-uniformed civil servants. But there is a feeling that female staff are the main focus on the new rules.

While women will be allowed to wear pant-suits, they have been warned not to wear any tight-fitting clothing or show cleavage.

Flat, open shoes are also ruled out, except in cases where one can prove that it is for medical reasons.

The circular is derived from Public Service Standing Orders on dress code, put in place in 2010.

Source BBC Africa

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