UN Secretary General congratulates President Abdullahi Mohamed Farmajo of Somalia

  • February 27, 2017

The United Nations Secretary General extended his congratulations to President Mohammed Abduallhi Mohamed Farmajo on his inauguration and to the people of Somalia on the federal electoral process.

He said, “I commend outgoing President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud for his gracious welcome and offer of support to the new Administration.

“Four years ago, the Federal Government of Somalia was conceived to help realize the Somali people’s dreams for democracy, peace, and prosperity.   Its peaceful handover of power today is a milestone in that effort and constitutes a major step towards the goal of one-person-one-vote elections in 2020.”

“As we mark this occasion, we also recognize the vital role of AMISOM and Somali forces in providing a secure environment throughout the electoral process.  On behalf of the United Nations, I express my deep appreciation to the international partners, including the African Union, European Union, IGAD, the League of Arab States, and donor countries for their support to the electoral process and the wider recovery efforts in Somalia. Their combined support illustrates the international community’s hope to see the people and Government of Somalia united in building their country.”

“This means taking on the hard challenge of strengthening the National Army to protect the people of Somalia everywhere.  It means reaching the final compromise to establish a permanent Constitution.  It means, with the support of the Federal Government, the Federal Member States extending basic governance and services to all cities and towns.”

“No one individual or institution can accomplish these goals alone.  All Somali leaders must rally behind the new Government so that corruption is removed and government revenues are restored.   The new Members of the Federal Parliament should make the most of this opportunity to secure impartial and proactive of legislation to put the Cabinet in place and empower the Government to address the country’s challenges.”

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