UN expert urges int’l community to end human rights violations in South Sudan

  • March 15, 2017

Concerned at the growing violence and human rights violations in South Sudan, the Chair of the Commission on Human Rights in South Sudan Yasmin Sooka while presenting a report to the United Nations Human Rights Council stated that, “There can be no more delay, no more excuses” to push for establishment of a court and bring prosecutions.

The Geneva-based body had mandated the three-member panel’s work almost exactly one year ago.

“The alternative is policy of appeasement – making us complicit in the bloodshed that is happening. Whole villages burnt to ashes, attacks on hospitals and churches, bodies dumped in rivers, allegations of young girls held as sexual slaves, women young and old gang raped and boys and men forcibly recruited,” she said.

“On the ground, this translates into bound corpses left on roadsides, hunger where once there was plenty, and thousands of children ripped from their mothers – some forced to carry guns and kill – yet another lost generation,” she further commented.

“A small coterie of South Sudan’s political leaders show total disregard not just for international human rights norms but for the welfare of their own people. They have squandered the oil wealth and plundered the country’s resources. Today the Government of South Sudan has effectively devolved most of its service delivery to the international community,” she said.

Sooka concluded by saying, “The dilemma between being outspoken on human rights and securing access has never been more stark. In a country where impunity is the norm, the mere knowledge that credible information is being gathered can act as a deterrent. But only if we are bold enough to push for the immediate establishment of the Hybrid Court and prosecutions.”

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