UNHCR provides safe and dependable water supply to 41,000 residents in Jonglei

  • April 24, 2018

BOR, South Sudan, April 23, 2018/ — On 13 April, UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency handed over a water reservoir (hafir) to the community in Jonglei State.

The EU-funded project will provide safer, accessible and more reliable water to more than 41,000 residents in the six villages surrounding Bor town, the capital of Jonglei.

The hafir, the local name for water reservoir, is a small lake constructed in low lying areas to allow water to be stored during rainfall events and used for domestic water supply and for agricultural purposes in rural areas.

Ayen Alier, 35 years old mother of four children, is happy about the new hafir.

“Access to water was difficult in my village. The hafir is not only the single source of water for my family but also for the whole community; we are very excited and thankful to UNHCR and the European Union,” she said.

The ceremony was attended by Hon. Dr Agot Alier, Deputy Governor of Jonglei state, UNHCR, HDC officials and community members.

The hafir project, which was started in May 2017, is the result of UNHCR’s partnership with Humanitarian Development Consortium (HDC). It aims to minimise the long distance walk to access water and scale up farming activities in the surrounding villages.

“UNHCR is working closely with different partners and local authorities to make a positive difference. Today, we hand it over to the community, with the expectation that it will benefit thousands of residents in Jonglei region,” UNHCR Representative to South Sudan, Mr. Johann Siffointe said.

The hafir project has brought new hope to communities in Jonglei.  In the past, during the dry season, women had to walk long distances in search of water for their animals. The scarcity of water often caused conflicts among communities. The hafir now serves as a communal facility that brings everyone together ensuring a peaceful co-existence in the communities, and also enhancing livelihood opportunities.

Source: APO

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