UNICEF worried as 20,000 Somali kids are ‘out of school’ due to clashes

  • November 16, 2016

The effect of fighting in the Somalia’s Galkayo region on the education of some 20,000 children has raised concerns in the office of The United Nations Children Emergency Fund (UNICEF). Fighting in the town began a month ago.

“This is a very serious situation for the children of Galkayo and is bound to have a major impact on their education and their lives. We must ensure that there are places for children to learn in a safe environment either in temporary spaces or in schools outside town. The children must be given catch up classes and their schools must be protected from further damage,” they said.

The UNICEF officials also observed that all schools in the town have been closed adversely affecting the teaching and learning activities. This is because many teachers are injured and five schools outside the town are closed as they are now used to house some of the displaced. And the schools which are still function are overcrowded. The Somalia UNICEF  along with its partners are setting up safe temporary learning spaces for the displaced children to allow them to continue their education. They are working to ensure that the teachers receive their incentive allowances as well.

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