• September 7, 2016

Zimbabwe today, is without doubt, Africa’s jewel with so many breathtaking and spectacular attractions from the mighty Zambezi River to the majestic Victoria Falls. Zimbabwe has a lot to offer the visitors at large. It is an enormously popular travel destination-moderately cheap having beautiful, friendly and warm people with plenty of tourist attractions-a perfect holiday destination.

travel destination-moderately cheap having beautiful, friendly and warm people with plenty of tourist attractions-a perfect holiday destination.

Harare is the capital and the largest city of Zimbabwe, followed by Bulawayo. South East of the world’s second largest continent is Zimbabwe, formerly known as Rhodesia. Zimbabwe means “great houses of stone” which is derived from Shona language.

It is a landlocked country blessed with fertile soils, mineral wealth and wonderful scenery. It straddles an extensive high inland plateau that drops northwards to the Zambezi valley where the border with South Africa. The country has borders with Botswana 813 km, Mozambique 1,231 km, South Africa 225 km, and Zambia 797 km and meets Namibia as its westernmost point.

This tourist destination is once again increasing in popularity with lots of overseas tourists as well as thousands of African tourists flocking there each year. A country that offers the travel and tourism a wide range of attractions, Zimbabwe with the breathtaking Victoria Waterfalls rated as one of the world’s natural wonders which will keep the cameras clicking. Harare features a subtropical highland climate. Located at a high altitude, the city experiences a cool airflow and can ideally be visited during any season.

Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls is undoubtedly the most majestic waterfall in the  world. A member of many lists of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, Victoria Falls towers 360 feet high (almost three times higher than Niagara Falls) and is nearly a mile wide. This World Heritage Site is located on the Zambezi River on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe. The Victoria Falls are spectacular in April and May after the rainy season. At the end of the dry season, October to December, the water levels are low and one can see the magnificent rock formation of the falls. River rafting is most exciting during low water (August to December) and is limited at high water. Seeing the spectacular curtain of water as it rushes over a sheer drop at the first gorge in the falls system and enchanting abyss and beautiful lagoons in the area will leave you completely enthralled and mesmerized which is the experience of a lifetime.

Why you should invest in Zimbabwe?

Zimbabwe is a country with unexpected prosperity which is on the path of economic revival. The country is rich with raw materials, natural resources and investment opportunities. Zimbabwe is currently ranked 171 out of 183 economies at a global scale while at sub-Saharan African level; the country is positioned at 36 in the 2012 World Bank Doing Business report. Zimbabwe is also enriched with platinum and diamonds. Platinum mining and processing add to an already vibrant mining sector which will become a major contributor to the country’s GDP.

Zimbabwe’s economy is established on various sectors: there is a well-developed manufacturing sector (25% of its GDP) and there are relatively strong financial services and mining sectors, but agriculture (13% of its GDP) forms the basis of the economy, even though drought causes great fluctuations in agriculture. This sector provides work for 27% of the labour force, whereas mining accounts for only 5% of employment. One of the main branches of industry is mining (coal, copper, nickel, cobalt, asbestos, tin, gold, silver, and iron ore). Wood, cement, chemicals, fertilizers, clothing, footwear, and beverages are other important products. Major  agricultural products include maize, cotton, tobacco, wheat, coffee, sugar cane and peanuts, as well as products that derive from livestock breeding (cattle, sheep, goats, and pigs). The government has recognized the need to build a competent and enabling investment environment so as to augment an optimistic supply response. The government has therefore given its assurance for  creating a conducive investment environment by guaranteeing  security of investment and crafting of investor friendly policies that are consistent and predictable. Zimbabwe’s overall investment environment offers you a market-driven economy with the following attributes:

Plentiful natural resources;

Accessibility of educated and competitive labour;

Well-developed infrastructure;

Access to Regional and World markets;

Security  of Investments (Protection of investments through  membership of international, Zimbabwe is a signatory of MIGA, OPIC, ICSID, UNCITRAL);

Treaties  and Bilateral Investment Protection Agreements;

Free movement of investment capital;

Striking investment incentives.

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