Zimbabwe: President Mnangagwa says ‘This election is about us’ but the youth remains sceptical about any change

  • July 27, 2018

The Presidential Elections in Zimbabwe are due on Monday and the current President Emmerson Mnangagwa in his campaign trail has time and again mentioned that ‘This election is about us.’

The President has been travelling the country far and wide, listening to his fellow Zimbabweans of all backgrounds – men and women, young and old, supporters and opponents.

‘We are one nation, one people with one dream’ read one of his social media posts. Emmerson Mnangagwa has left no stone unturned, campaigning for the election that is due in three days.

However, there is a tight race between the ruling ZANU-PF and the main opposition Chamisa of the Movement for Democratic Change – Alliance.

The President may be reaching out to all strata of the society, but he is aware that it is the youth whose vote is critical in this elections because they are the majority of voters. However, many of the youth are sceptical whether their vote and the election results would bring any change at all.

Though there is some excitement among people because it is for the first time that Robert Mugabe is not a candidate in the national elections. The 94-year-old, who had ruled Zimbabwe for more than three decades, was ousted from the office by the country’s military last year.

This time, more than 20 new challengers are running for the top post. All are first-time contenders and all, including Mnangagwa, are promising better employment prospects to the citizens. But Zimbabweans are cynical, even wary about their own future and that of their country.

The unemployment rate in the country stands at more than 90%; agriculture sector has regressed from commercial to subsistence after the seizure of white-owned farms, the banking system is collapsing and the economy is clearly in need of a revival.

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