Closing Gap Gender Accelerator
Women wait for the metro at a station in Cairo REUTERS/Asmaa Waguih
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A national public-private partnership model, which enables governments and companies to take concerted action to close economic gender disparities, was launched by Egypt’s Ministry of international cooperation, National Council for Women (NCW) and World Economic Forum (WEF). Together with eight other nations, Egypt is considered the first country to adopt this kind of public-private partnership model, sponsored by the World Economic Forum, in the Middle East and Africa.


(A)Preparing women for the post COVID-19 world of work

(B) Closing gender gaps in remuneration between and within sectors.

(C) Enabling women’s participation in the labour force

(D) Advancing more women into management and leadership

Internationally, each country’s accelerator is part of the global network for co-creating solutions through the World Economic Forum’s Platform.

Data Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Egypt)

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