African food prize winner 2020
Photo credit: Andre Bationo and Catherine Nakalembe
Photo source: Africa food prize
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Dr. André Bationo and Dr. Catherine Nakalembe have been awarded as the 2020 winners of the Africa Food Prize (AFP) for their prestigious contribution towards the promotion of food security across the continent. André Bationo is a researcher from Burkina Faso, has been recognized for his efforts into the improvement of microdosing fertilizer technology. He has also scaled-up an inventory credit system which allows farmers to store grain and receive a credit when prices are low, thus selling their grain when prices are higher. micro-dosing technology and inventory credit systems are benefiting many farmers in West Africa. 

Dr. Catherine Nakalembe is a Ugandan researcher. She has been dedicated to improving the lives of smallholder farmers by using satellite technology to harness data to guide agricultural decision-making. She has also promoted the formulation of policies and programs that are directly impacting farmers against the impacts of food failure.

Data source: All Africa news

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