Ntuthuko Shezi Anzisha prize winner
Photo Credit: Ntuthuko Shezi
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By the age of 26, Ntuthuko Shezi had started nine businesses. At the age of 7, Ntuthuko already had a taste of the entrepreneurial world. His mum was very ‘entrepreneurial’ as she was a school teacher who supplemented her income by selling sweets, fried fish and local pastries. 

Livestock Wealth is business number 14 for Ntuthuko. It is an asset management firm with a twist. The assets managed by the company are cows, which are kept on three farms in KwaZulu-Natal and the Free State. 

With years of experience as an entrepreneur, imparting knowledge to those who want to venture into entrepreneurship, Ntuthuko Shezi is where you can start. As the world’s reliance continues to shift to agriculture, there is a need to not only showcase entrepreneurship as a possible career choice but one that is exciting and integral to the social fabric of communities.

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