Zeitz MoCAA art museum
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Zeitz MoCAA, the first major contemporary art museum will unleash three inaugural exhibitions when it opens in Cape Town on September 22 this year.

Three artists from Africa will take the centre-stage at the opening ceremony. They include Swaziland-born South Africa-based artist Nandipha Mntambo, known for her sculptures of the female form made from natural materials such as cowhide, Zimbabwean artist and activist Kudzanai Chiurai, famous for his works on war, abuses of power, reconstruction and solidarity and Angolan artist Edson Chagas, who had won the Golden Lion prize for the best national pavilion.

Mark Coetzee, the executive director and chief curator of Zeitz MoCAA said, “We are committed to creating a platform for many different voices from across Africa and to support cutting-edge practice across the continent.” He further commented that the three shows will take place alongside another 11 displays which are yet to be announced. In total, the museum will comprise 80 galleries over nine floors.

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