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Photo credit: Online teaching Photo source: Mastercard Foundation
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As we all know, If necessity is the mother of invention, adversity is its father. As Covid19 pandemic has made conditions catastrophic, we are learning to adapt new measures according to the situations.  particularly in the field of education. According to UNESCO, due to pandemic, schools have been closed which has upended education for more than 250 million children and youth in Sub-Saharan Africa. When students are unable to attend school, they face challenges, including loss of learning, the risk of dropping out of school, teenage pregnancy or child marriage, and the loss of nutritional concerns and child protection and safety mechanisms.

By this centric approach, students can employ themselves in education technology to its fullest and can learn in more flexible ways, anywhere, anytime, alone or in combination with “virtual” teachers. New technologies like SMS messages, internet, online education, with the help of these facilities it will reduce routine administrative tasks to allow more time for teaching, and help teachers identify where students are struggling and provide more support. 

Data source: Mastercard Foundation

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