Jumia food festival
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Half price on pizzas, burgers and all your munchies? Big discounts on groceries, local meals and beverages? Free deliveries on certain days to some locations? Buy 1 get 1 free at some restaurants? WOW! 

It’s 2020 and we are not in normal times people say. We have been treated to a strange year which has reminded us that love is all we need. However, having good food and paying less for it makes life better right? It even gets more interesting when the food can be safely delivered right to your doorstep without the stress of driving to town. The best part of it is that you get to stay safe. The biggest question on your mind at the moment is HOW? How is this possible? How do I enjoy this? Before you could even answer that, another question pops up. WHERE? Where do I get this? 

Don’t worry,Jumia has a plan for you! It’s called the Jumia Food Festival.

All through this month of October, there are lots of amazing deals on Jumia. Your favorite restaurants, fast food joints, beverages and local restaurants have put together some mouthwatering deals to help you save a lot while enjoying the convenience of staying safe at home and enjoying your meals. Let’s look at some of the great stuff you can enjoy on Jumia this month.

  1. Exclusive deals & Discounts – Your favorite restaurants and fast food joints are exclusively running great deals and discounts during the Jumia FoodFestival. Chicken, burgers, pizzas, fries, local & continental dishes, drinks and groceries have become essentials for staying home and staying safe. There are discounts of up to 50% on all these essentials on Jumia. Whatever your food needs are, there is something great for you. Can you imagine there are tasty food options at less than 15Ghs? With a variety of over 400 restaurants to choose from, you cannot miss this opportunity to eat and save!  
  1. Free Delivery – Wait! So apart from deals and discounts on the actual food, you can also get the meal delivered to your home or office for free? YES! On certain days, this is very possible. Just visit the website and social media pages to know which days are free delivery days. It just gets better.
  2. Buy 1 , Get 1 Free –  Eat more, get more! We just want you to eat well on a budget. On certain restaurants and days, you can enjoy this great offer. Imagine ordering 3 large boxes of pizza and getting 3 extra boxes at no extra cost, voila! It’s party time.
  1. Games & Giveaways – Hold up! There is more? Of course! There are exciting games running during the course of this Food festival. You get to play, have fun and win amazing prizes like food vouchers, free meals and drinks etc. Download the Jumia app, follow the social media pages and play. Great games with great prizes await you.

Food lovers can now enjoy all their tasty meals and still save while at it. You can pay via Mobile Money or use your Jumia Pay wallet to get an extra 10% cashback when you order. What are you waiting for? Let’s eat more, pay less and be ‘’boujee’’.

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