Ethiopia Pm appointed Gerd president
Photo source:warandhaabmedia
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A veteran opposition leader Dr Aregawis Berhe, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed today appointed Director-General of the Co-ordination National Board to Build the Great Ethiopia Renaissance Dam (GERD), a new Office for the Coordination of Public Participation. Dr Aregawi Berhe is one of the parliamentary opposition figures of Prime Minister Abiy ‘s administration who spent years in exile and went back home two years ago. 

At present, he is the leader of the “Tigray Democratic Alliance Party” minority party.  He was another member of TPLF, Dr. Aregawi. 

After announcing the construction of the barracks to rally public support, the Office of the National Council for the Coordination of Public Involvement in the Construction of GERD was created. The office has up to now secured nearly Birr 14 billion to finance construction, primarily through the acquisition of loans, public funds and private and Ethiopian diasporas.

Data Source: ENA

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