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Open for African Market: FORMA launches its new tractors made for the world market

Mr Vijay Agarwal, Chairman & Managing Director acquired the FORMA Plant in Romania because he was impressed by their Manufacturing facilities, the versatility of Machines installed and the technology they had. Their products were always known for their Ruggedness, Robustness. Dependability, Reliability and Efficiency. He also felt that this Strategic acquisition would facilitate entry into European and CIiS regions. Mr Vijay Agarwal respects their skilled workforce and also salutes their enthusiasm and ability to work. He was also impressed by the fact that the plant produced lots of assemblies and aggregates for the Russian armoured Vehicle. The Vision was to create a presence in Europe with a large product portfolio of ACE and to update the current product range to the quality and efficiency of present competitors in the market. This could have been only possible through the technical knowhow of FORMA.

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