GE Hosts Women STEM Roundtable: Women in Technology
Photo Credit:GE (NYSE: GE)
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The roundtable highlights the need for strategic strategies to support women’s advocates in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), energy and development diversity; leadership perspectives into how women can prepare for the “future of work” in STEM. In order to further establish innovative solutions for the challenges facing various sectors Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Studies are becoming increasingly important. The Institut National Polyteschnique Félix Houphouët-Boigny (INPHB) hosted Women’s STEM Mentorship Roundtable for Students. The workshop, held in Abidjan, was headed by four energy experts, who combined decades of experience with outstanding summaries. The group was composed of Kristin Carvell, global communications chief, GE Gas Power; Kadidjatou Diallo, Managing Director, The Ivorian Company of Electricity Production (CIPREL), Aphi Amoussou Nanan, CI ENERGIES ‘ Director of Generation; and Bethel Nwaneri, GE Gas Power Sub-Saharan Africa’s Chief People Officer.

Participants explored everything STEM has to give, including why she wanted to have a career in STEM and the importance it brings to our communities. The roundtable also centred on the value of strategic strategies to support women across STEM-related careers, the need for increased diversity in energy and technology, and the critical need for companies to take advantage of the whole pool of technical talents to achieve sustainable, profitable advances in the technological progress of new innovations.

GE was a committed partner for the growth of diversity, inclusion and skills in Ivory Coast. With INPHB in Yamoussoukro GE Power collaborated to educate students of engineering in 2018. During a six-month period, selected ivory students took part in technical and English internships in the GE-Ghana office offering them exhibition and training in the fast-moving global market. GE has recently commissioned the institution to conduct an English language technology lab.

Speaking at the roundtable, Bethel Nwaneri, Chief People Officer for GE Gas Power Sub Saharan Africa said that the initiative was a continuation of the ongoing partnership between GE and Ivory Coast aimed at investing in technical skills and talent particularly for women. “Companies that seek to change the world, should reflect the world. Beyond skills and talent development, mentorship is also important in increasing the representation of women in engineering, manufacturing, IT and product management roles. This is not just the right thing to do, it’s a necessary strategy to inject urgency into recruiting more women for technical roles. Our goal is to inspire the next generation of leaders and cultivate a lasting interest in STEM careers,” she added.  

GE is a pioneer in the energy field in Ivory Coast, a historic player. This round table reflects GE’s commitment to build upon the strong presence of the company in the region and to provide its clients with value.

Data Source: GE

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