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When powerhouse names are seen in movie credits, there’s definitely a treat. The new-age movie, Riding with Sugar, extraordinarily explores the hardships of the various Zimbabweans through the prism of a young boy, whose life is crammed with dramatic and memorable escapes.

The film tells the story of a young refugee, Joshua (British-Kenyan actor Charles Mnene), who dreams of winning a BMX cycling championship as a way of finding a much better life. But a devastating accident shatters his dream. Mambo (Hakeem Kae-Kazeem) who houses refugee teenagers across Africa, then gives him shelter and employment and also encourages Joshua to use education to make a much better life for himself. Mambo is additionally a foreigner. Also, in his following finding happiness and belonging, Joshua discovers love when he meets Olivia, a dancer from a well-off family, who however cast a shadow of doubt over Mambo’s agenda. His following freedom and hope take him through a South African odyssey.

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