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Businesses across Africa continue in their drive of mitigating the issues that pose a threat to transparent communication across their departments. Albeit, what remains an under-explored area in streamlining communication between a service provider and users is the service desk. User experience in Africa has been of prime importance considering a streamlined communication gives direction smooth problem-solving and the success of the business.

Often African entities use the age-old traditional approach that does little or nothing to improve the user’s experience. This service desk that acts as a single point of contact deserves the most cutting-edge technology which is slowly been recognised through Conversational AI. 

An Intelligent Solution of Conversational AI

The world without technology and automation has seen a disintegrated staff and support team finding it a challenge to channel the most viable solution. This not only had a huge impact on the ticket resolving efficiency but also weighed on the IT budget while affecting day-to-day operations.

It was only after the introduction of Conversational AI that the vulnerabilities in service desk traditional communications were addressed in Africa. Conversational AI uses real-time natural language interaction which is humanlike and successfully bridges the gap between a computer and a human.

With services like chatbots, voice assistants, Conversation AI has a leap of high productivity and efficiency with a human touch. Africa has witnessed the incorporation of a multitude of Conversation AI platforms to resolve such issues and offer a new landscape of business. Some of the well-known companies in Africa are, Ochatbot, CSS Impact, AI Rudder, Mindsay, Drift, Outreach, etc.

The New Landscape Transformations- Automation of the Monotony

According to a Gartner report, 40% of service desk tickets are related to password reset for devices, IT services, and applications. This job is highly mundane for people to perform and severely hampers their skills. Moreover, if Africans are to focus on the core objectives of the organization, they need their workforce to be engaged in those tasks rather than the mundane activities.

Conversational AI comes to the rescue for performing repetitive tasks alongside troubleshooting small and big glitches. This No-Day Off assistant handles a huge volume of work while boosting the company’s output.

The Benefits Offered by Conversation AI offers to African Organizations

  1. Scaling Employee Experience: According to a report by, employees today expect a response on their ticket within 10 minutes of raising it. Conversational AI not just gives this experience on fingertips but also does it in the language you want. It is designed to adapt and cater to the requirements using your past data and interactions with the AI.
  1. Support Cost Reduction: With a coded logic and smart algorithm that reduces human errors, Conversational AI can reduce costs to a great extent. AI-enabled service desk directs the employees to resolve their issues speedily and learn new skills. This gives a kick to their productivity while slashing the cost associated with the process. 
  1. Efficient Ticket-resolving: The aim projects at 0%-error and 100%-productivity leading to prompt responses, which is not humanly possible. Service desks enabled with Conversational AI are the perfect platform to achieve this promptness in response while still being efficient.
  1. 24/7 Access: As opposed to humans, AI does not take a day off, does not sleep and does not even get tired which makes it pertinent to service desks that run 24/7. It can attend to user’s issues repetitively for as long as the problem persists. 

In the age of technological disruption, nothing is beyond reach and businesses are using it to power profits. Conversational AI is that innovation in IT that will strategize and streamline a workplace towards high productivity and profitability while serving human resources.

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