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In light of the escalating events between Russia and Ukraine, and Russia’s invasion of the country, about 460 Ghanaian students who came to Ukraine to study have left the country. The students took the route from Ukraine to Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Czech Republic. The update was informed by Shirley Ayorkor Botchwey, the foreign affairs and regional integration minister of Ghana. 

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, thousands of African students were left stranded with no scope of fleeing or finding shelter. The aggravating situation also brought a sense of fear in foreign students, who have been finding it hard to reunite with their families back home.

However, the Ghana government has been pleading with the stranded students in Ukraine to seek shelter either in their residence or in the designated shelter spots of the government. The students who have fled the country will be received by the Ghana officials who are either sent on diplomatic missions, are officials of the Ghana student’s association, or are honorary consuls. 

Amid the disturbing situation, while it is extremely difficult to rescue the students, Ghana would be expecting the return of more students in the next coming days.

Moreover, the parents and guardians of the Ghana students have also been invited to a meeting held in the capital city, Accra, by the government. 

Ghana national students comprise more than 1000 numbers in Ukraine who are studying or working in the country. During this tiring time, many African students complained about the racism they are facing at the Ukraine-Poland border. 

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