International Conference: Implementation of Land Information Systems by IGNF and World Bank
Photo Credit: National Land Information System - Uganda
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Two international conferences on “Addressing National Land Information System: Sharing Experiences, technologies and good practices” are coordinated and sponsored by IGMF and the World Bank. The theme is the “Global Modernisation of Land Administration–Making Your LIS A Success,” and an honourable guest will be the Chair of “The Global Modernisation of Land Administration-Making your LIS A Success.” This conference is held following the Government’s initial implementation of an IGN FI/IGN Consortium’s new National Land Information System (NLIS). DeSINLISI combines land management, registration, assessment, survey and physical planning in its design, procurement, installation and implementation. It is a computerized network of 22 one-stop Zonal Ministry (MZO) now operating throughout Uganda, with decentralized governance.

The purpose of the conference is to bring together:

  • Key Ugandan stakeholders engaged in the DeSINLISI Project, notably technical and administrative staff from Government, IGN FI and other professionals including surveyors, bankers, lawyers along with civil society organizations and academia.
  • Prominent players from other Governments and civil society involved in the modernization of the land sector across Africa and the world at large as well as development partners including the World Bank.

The workshop is an opportunity to learn from the latest technologies and best practices and to better understand the new land information systems. In order to gain insight into the successful implementation of NLIS in Uganda and share experiences in the implementation of land information systems in their countries, 200 delegates from over 30 nations, including Tanzania, Burundi, Kenya, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Campania, Burkina Faso and Liberia, have been invited. With the introduction of the NLIS, land sales have increased significantly and the revenue generation has increased considerably. Dramatically decreased the time required to inspect, upgrade or move the property. In the meantime, land tenure protection has been improved and facilities brought closer to the public. MLHUD is responsible for policy direction, national standards, and integration of all property, housing and urban development issues. Ministers of land, housing and urban development have responsibility for the MLHUD. In the field of geographical details, IGN FI is internationally recognized. Established in 1986, IGN FI is a pioneer in geomatic ventures that collaborate with government officials and private policy-makers. In the fields of land planning, ecology, agriculture, soil administration, civil protection and risk management it provides support instruments for decision-making and many more. In the execution of international projects, IGN FI is part of the GEOFIT Group and IGN France Technical Manager. In addition to geodesy, metrology, cartography, regional spatial data infrastructures, geographical information systems, thematic portals and land information systems, the company provides customer-specific services.

Distributed by APO Group on behalf of IGN FI.

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