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The year 2020 has given us a true indication of who we really are and what love really means. Why would we want to give someone butterflies in their stomachs when there is no food there? A lot of people also often say that  ‘’there are 3 great ways to a man/woman’s heart. Making food requires great preparation and lot’s of time to get it right and being food is often more literal than real. That leaves us with buying food. Even that requires great planning, execution and sometimes loads of money. At this point, just say FOOD and take a DISCOUNT. Donate a MEAL and take a DISCOUNT.

This is the time to stay safe, eat healthily and save money. Have you heard of FOODFEST? It’s the latest of many mind-blowing discount campaigns run by Jumia Food. The thought of eating your long time cravings at very reduced rates even makes this the best time to use your app. If you don’t already have it, what are you waiting for?

With so many amazing deals from top restaurants and eateries at up to 50% OFF, you can’t afford to be hungry this season. It even gets better as your meal is delivered to your home or office with no delivery charges. Yes, read that again; NO DELIVERY CHARGES!!! Order from any of your favourite restaurants on Jumia Food and enjoy all these mouth-watering deals. Ever tried anything from KFC, Burger King, Eddy’s Pizza, Papa’s Pizza, Barcelos, Honeysuckle, Azmera, Yes Chef? This is the time to enjoy meals from those restaurants and many others.

As part of its anniversary celebrations, Jumia Food (Africa’s leading online food delivery service) is supporting everyone effected by the COVID-19 pandemic in Ghana by using its online food delivery platform to help individuals, as well as corporate entities, donate food to them. This donation can be for individuals, affected families, frontline workers, departments and units of various health institutions. From the 6th – 19th July, everyone can download the Jumia Food app or log on to Jumia food via the web to donate a meal. Jumia Food on its part will deliver this meal to the selected recipient free off-charge. With a minimum of Ghs 10, you can touch a life. This donation can be made via MTN Mobile Money and Bank Cards only when one selects a meal package and checks out. 

Simply go here or search ‘’ donate a meal’’ on the Jumia Food app/website to donate.

So fellow Ghanaians, don’t be left out. Let’s eat well, stay safe, save money and help others at the same time. 

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