Kenya: National Emergency Response Committee Press Statement
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The coronavirus still has an enormous effect on the planet. According to global statistics, 266,073 confirmed cases and 11,084 deaths occurred on 21 March 2020.

By then, the epicentre of the virus has moved from China to Europe. As of 21 March 2020, there were 572 confirmed cases in Africa with 12 deaths recorded.

Hon Mutahi Kagwe, EGH Cabinet Secretary said, “We confirmed on Friday that no new coronaviruses have yet been detected and that the seven patients who have tested the virus positively continue to be monitored and stable. We keep monitoring their progress and the people who came in touch with them. In the last 72 hours, 8 new cases of positive coronavirus reported in the country were confirmed.”

This now takes a total of fifteen (15) individuals who tested positive. Five (5) are Kenyans and three (3) foreign nationals, of the last eight (8), two are Français and one is Mexican. Both 8 cases from Europe and America are imported.

The ages range from 20 to 67 years of age for the youngest. Between 4 March and 17 March 2020, all eight passed through Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. They are all isolated and tracked by our teams in various locations. Ministry of health has tracked 363 people who have been in contact with them. They have only three people in Mbagathi hospital who are waiting for a diagnosis.

The rest was treated and unloaded. All patients are in good condition, except one on the coast. The government is arranging a further treatment of the patient in Nairobi. 

Hon Mutahi Kagwe, EGH Cabinet Secretary said, “I have said this for two weeks, as we attempt to contain the outbreak, is very important for the region. The government has revealed in recent weeks, fellow Kenyans, many measures intended to combat this virus. We have found, however, that most of our people tend to ignore these steps and to behave as normal. As I warned last week, it’s no joke, Kenyans DO MUST take this matter as seriously as they deserve by changing their lifestyles and adapting. This disease will treat us abnormally if we fail to act normally.”

 The NERC adopted today as follows:

  1. All international flights are suspended, except cargo flights with a crew which must comply with strict guidelines, effective Wednesday 25 March 2020 at midnight.
  2. Those who come into the country before Wednesday will be subject to compulsory Quarantine at their own cost at a government-designated facility. Countries wishing to evacuate their nationals must, in this time, make their arrangements. The Guidelines given in the countries concerned are advised to be followed for Kenyans currently in foreign countries who have not returned within the time.
  3. Ministry of Health has found that there are many who are not following the Protocol on Self-Quarantine while allowing Kenyans and foreigners to travel in the country with a valid residency permit. As a result, NERC ruled that all individuals violating the self-quarantine provision are forcefully under quarantine and consequently detained and charged under the Public Health Act for a maximum duration of 14 days.
  4. All BARS will be closed until further notice this evening, effective midnight. Restaurants will stay accessible, but only to encourage programs to take away. It attempts to protect the social distance criteria by taking into account their increased risk of transmission.
  5. Moreover, all public service vehicles must conform to a directive released on Friday, 20 March 2020 to revoke the respective Sacco licence, in order to meet the social distance requirement in the public transport sector. This Order was already followed by the Inspector-General of the Police.
  6. Finally, following the fact that religious institutions did not comply with the social distance criterion as provided on Friday, 20 March 2020, all churches, mosques and other religious gatherings were suspended by the NERC. This often covers weddings, funerals and other social events for family members only. These directives shall take effect as soon as notice is issued. Again we know that these steps may be difficult at this time, but the government assures you that it is necessary to achieve the stated goal of safeguarding all Kenyans.

Data Source: Ministry of Health, Kenya

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