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Lesdep foundation is a novel initiative by Mr Kirit Sobti and Dr Nitika Sobti which was established on June 6, 2016, to impart education and vocational skills to youth and women. Lesdep Foundation has always campaigned for the well-being of people in the field of health and education by arranging medical camps, workshops, training programmes to enhance skills and sponsoring education for the weaker section of the society.

“If you want to make the country strong, make women strong, because the ultimate source of life is a woman who bears the responsibility of the country’s future”  -Debonik Paul

LESDEP Foundation in School at Dehradun

Women’s healthcare is the most important branch of the healthcare sector, concerned with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of women’s health disorders whether they are mental or physical,  or any disability that may affect women’s well-being. Lesdep Foundation aims to support the process of development in the field of the healthcare system, especially for women.  The Foundation is dedicated to improving the women’s healthcare sector by supporting unbiased medical research and educating women beyond about their health. With continued research and comprehensive education, the goals of disease prevention and improved quality of life can be achieved.

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today”    – By Malcolm X

We always prefer to build a strong foundation for our homes so that the building will be stronger and will last forever, shouldn’t we prefer the same for building a strong learning foundation for children? A child’s learning from starting is very crucial for a child’s later learning. Well, a strong early learning foundation is the path to ensure a better future where they can adapt and thrive to the fullest.

The Lesdep foundation is devoted to making sure that our students are ready with the tools, knowledge, and confidence to face life-recycle or to be life-ready. Education will not only help students make the most out of their learnings but also to develop important life skills, boosting confidence which is so significant to be applied in daily life. We help the students to establish that strong foundation in the starting which is needed for a lifetime of educational success. 

On Wednesday, April 20, 2021, a delivery of essential stationery items to all students was distributed by the Lesdep organisation in the remote village of Dehradun, with the support of Vinod Kumar Pal, Principal of the Government Higher Secondary School Thakrasadhar, Kalsi. Government Higher Secondary School Thakrasadhar was established in 2007 and it is managed by the Department of Education. The school takes pride in its excellent teaching methodology.  

Wishing all students good luck with their bright future!

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