Ambassador of Sweden to Liberia, Ingrid Wetterqvist
Photo Credit: Ambassador of Sweden to Liberia, Ingrid Wetterqvist
Photo Source:liberianobserver
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The Government of Sweden has contributed 10 million Swedish Kronor to UNICEF’s Child Protection programmes to support the provision of quality essential social services for children in Liberia. The funding received by Sweden citizens would allow children, teens and young adults, especially the most vulnerable ones, to access justice that is gender-sensitive and age-appropriate and to ensure the security of their rights.

UNICEF and partners’ activities are catalytic in Liberia, in line with collaborative arrangements with the Government of Liberia, with the aim of ensuring essential protection for children and their communities and of supporting the dignity and well-being of each child. UNICEF and its collaborators are working together to deter the transmission of the virus that may lead children to a number of preventive threats in the sense of COVID-19.

UNICEF initiatives sponsored by the Swedish government in Liberia help develop children’s child protective legal facilities and promote improving the registry structure of births. UNICEF and its partners are working closely on the removal of the spread of the virus and on addressing its impact on children and their families in the context of COVID-19.

Data Source: UNICEF Liberia

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