Malawi: Govt Includes Journalists in Priority Group for Covid-19 Vaccine
Photo source: All Africa
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MISA Malawi is glad to inform its members of the government’s priority group of journalists receiving Covid-19 vaccine. MISA Malawi, via the Ministry of Information, has engaged the Covid-19 presidential task force requesting that journalists are one of the key priority groups in the immunization process and grateful for the positive response. Journalists are obliged in this arrangement to carry accreditation cards or identity cards from the Media Council of Malawi (MCM) to immunization centres. 

On Friday 5 March 2021, the country was receiving the first 360,000 doses of AstraZeneca vaccine, and the government is going to announce the centers and the opening dates. We encourage all journalists to immune themselves, because our work includes regular travel and communication with others, which puts us at risk of contracting Covid 19. 

We also take advantage of this opportunity to urge journalists to provide responsibility for immunization roll-outs and to encourage all Malawians to get vaccinated if possible. MISA Malawi would also like to remind journalists and media companies that journalists can be tested via their own media house(s) earlier in this arrangement if and where there are confirmed cases within the media house or persons with clear symptoms. 

Through the Ministry of Information, we would like to thank the Government of Malawi for its support for the media sector in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

Data source: MISA

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